Edith Eveon Brown – Author, Freelance Writer & Owner of Jeteak Press

Welcome visitor, my name is Edith Eveon Brown.

I’m an indie author, entrepreneur, freelance writer and publisher. So, I am passionate about sharing written words to entertain, encourage, support, and/or help you reach your goal of starting a business.

I was born and raised in Brunswick Georgia, a product of Southern Baptist upbringing with a great desire to be a writer and see the world.

My 31-year career as a federal employee provided opportunities for me to write and travel. In 1991, I established and became owner/operator of Jeteak Press, a writing firm geared towards providing short and long-term writing services to federal offices dealing with varied writing backlogs, and similar services to small businesses.

Another titbit about the business

Jeteak Press is located in Upper Marlboro, Prince George’s County, Maryland, and is in compliance with all federal, local and state laws including the System for Award Management (SAM) which replaced the Central Contractor Registration (CCR). As well as, Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT).

I believe, “The craft of writing is fluid and will never become obsolete. As a result, ah ha moments by means of written words are realized when readers connect with a writer’s preferred writing style: Creative, descriptive, expository, narrative, persuasive and news writing.

Based on this belief, I’ve authored and published an array of fiction and nonfiction publications purchasable from your favorite book retailer.

“Hey Edith, I didn’t know you were an author!” Folks that stumble upon my books say.

Yes, I’ve been writing stuff for over forty years. However, my writing profession didn’t take off until I wrote a handbook geared towards how to recognize drug abuse and gang activity in your community for managers of federally financed multi-family housing properties. As well as, write handbooks to train-the-trainer, and to train new employees. Therefore, nonfiction how-to books and informational handouts have always been easy writing tasks for me.

Struggles and failures within my craft of writing and what I have learned.

I make it a point to write about what I know which stems from living life, work experiences and training, rapid eye movement (REM) dreams, research, and/or information gathered from personal interviews. These skills make my writings genuine.

You’ll find my books to be inexpensive, honest with complete step-by-step instructions to guide you through the initial set-up and establishment of your own business. Further, my information books about Southern Baptist, death, bicycling and motorcycles to name a few are well-researched, truthful, painfully-raw and to the point.

My passion is to entertain, encourage, support and help. My struggles are with how much to share via written words. Therefore, I’ve learned as a writer: When another person’s truth is entwined with my truth and he/she hinders my happiness, I’ll write our truth as fiction. Life is short. As a result, we learn and grow from shared mistakes, pains and successes of others, or we suffer under the weight of our own stuff until we die.

Work with me

My overall goal is to develop well-written business materials (digital and hardcopy) that produce visible results for clients. You can count on my 40+ years of versatile writing experiences to meet your creative, descriptive, expository, narrative, persuasive, and news writing needs. All services are performed under written contract and are as follows:

Administrative Services

The company provides short-term administrative support to federal and commercial companies. These duties include, but are not limited to the following: Compose and type routine narratives, letters, memoranda, response to correspondences, reports, tables, forms, end-user handbooks, training materials, and edit/proofread materials for accuracy. As well as, develop and update regulations; research and create materials to meet ongoing needs, and/or to permanently resolve administrative and managerial problems.

Business-to-Business (B2B) Writing

Our goal as a business-to-business copywriter is to write and/or publish copy to help your company increase profits, be competitive and guarantee its successful future growth. This is done by writing persuasive, fact-filled ad copy, fliers, brochures, marketing documents, web content, and the creation of sales/donor letters to inspire readers to take action. Our efforts help clients meet their goals in shorter periods. As well as, save money and time.


Jeteak Press partners with clients to write final task force and assessment reports; turn paper documents into digital formats. Research various databases, library resources and other information sources to create historical materials, and books/articles. Also, performs disaster survivor services; document and record the needs of citizens, inspect properties affected by natural disasters (i.e. tropical storm, hurricane, fire, floods and earthquake), by taking photos, recording findings and submitting reports to requesting agencies.

At the completion of these assignments, clients receive one or two of the following final formats: A comprehensive reports with supportive materials, digitized DVD’s with organized external file systems, and/or printed copies of online published materials.

General/Technical Writing

The owner performs writing services for government and commercial businesses. Her specialties include, but are not limited to the following: Regulations, program assessments, development of training materials, operation manuals, informational e-Books, and guides for end-users. As well as, the collection and compilation of results from public surveys, and development of news articles.

At the end of these assignments, materials needed to efficiently manage staff, identify deficiencies, train adverse audiences, distribute information to the public, and master documents are presented to clients in agreed upon format(s).

If you are interested in doing business with me click here to tell me what service(s) you need.

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