Current works and prompt challenge

Dear Readers, I didn’t get “The Family Crypt” published as planned in October 2016. Currently, my new plan is to have the Crypt published by April 2017. Further, during the National Novel Writing Month, November 1-30, 2016. I wrote “Samantha – A Motorcycle Rider.” Although, I’ll probably change the name once I begin the editing process.

On November 1-30, I usually begin work on a new novel and attempt to have it published before or by April of the following year. Sometimes, I reach this goal and other times I don’t for numerous reasons ranging from a story refusing to let me end it, or unexpected life issues which take center stage.

Crypt_Bookcover2The latter was the case while working on “The Family Crypt” which I begin writing November 1, 2013. Consequently, this novel decided it wasn’t ready to end. So, I dutifully continued to hit the keys on my laptop hoping I could end it soon. However, my son Keithalon and an editorial friend suggested I make “The Family Crypt” a sequel, but I refuse to write two or more books under this title.


Keithalon On MotorcycleBack to the subject of unexpected life issues. Recently, this novel took a back seat when my son, Keithalon died on October 17, 2014. Every since Keithalon challenged me to write novels, he has given me a one-sentence prompt to write each book.

On October 16, during our highway drive from Brunswick GA to attend a motorcycle event in Savannah GA, “Keith what is my prompt for November 1?” I promise Mommy, you’ll have it before November 1,” he replied. As a result, while shedding bitter tears, I wrote a memoir about Keithalon and his brother Patrick on November 1-25, 2014 which was published in April 2015.

In September 2015 after foot surgery, my grief for both sons and Cloud, my German shepherd that died April 10, 2015 intensified. Again, I begin to work on “The Family Crypt” during a, “Gotta heal myself and feel better sabbatical” which involved an 11-day Caribbean cruise and a 31-day stay in Boquete Panama. At this point, the novel was pretty much finished. Meaning, I have the story’s end-I just need to type it and publish this book which I hope to do prior to the end of May 2016.

Well, I didn’t make it. So, I’m humanly shooting for October 2016.

Currently, I need one-sentence prompts in order to prepare for this upcoming November 1-30, 2016 writing challenge. As stated earlier, this use to be Keith’s function. In fact, the Family Crypt was written based on his 2013 prompt which was as follows:

“A man sits in the backseat of a taxi across the street from his childhood home, trying to decide how to tell his parents what?”

If I use your prompt, I’ll make a dedication to you in the new book. As well as, ensure you get your own signed-copy of the same.

If interested, click here to submit your story prompt. I’ll be in touch.