Work Testimonials


I have known Edith since she applied as a writer with Your Information Center in 2002. Edith researched and wrote five e-books for us: Bicycling for Fun and Fitness, Managing Rental Property, Starting a Home Day Care Business, Starting a Kindergarten Business, and What Do Southern Baptists Believe? As demonstrated by the subjects of her e-books, she is able to research and write about a wide range of topics. She always met deadlines for both the initial manuscripts and revisions.

Edith also took on additional responsibilities, including formatting and proofreading documents. She is conscientious and dedicated to doing an excellent job. I have found her delightful to work with; always willing to do what it takes to accomplish the desired results. I highly recommend her.
~Lillie Ammann, Writer Editor~

“Excellent!” The information contained in this book, “What Do Southern Baptist Believe?” was excellent. I enjoyed reading it. I am a Southern Baptist, and it never occurred to me to ask how the Baptist religious body emerged. I feel that this information is very useful. I am grateful for the available research sources and references shown after the author’s page; this section provides additional resources that I can use as a Sunday school teacher and member of the Adult Bible Study Class. I feel the author of this book did a great job, spent lots of time on researching the Baptist history, and put together an interesting and useful book that will be used as a teaching tool by many Baptist Believers.
-Frances Littlejohn-

Enjoyable and Informative (Bicycling): I found the product to be most informative and enjoyable to read. The personal spin the author put on the information made this book a pleasurable, serious, helpful and motivating tool. I now have the desire to get off the couch, purchase a bike and do some bicycling to improve my own health.
-Ora Dillon-Carter –

Edith, we are so grateful to you for designing this brochure for us. I think it will improve our sales a great deal.
-Agnes Hatfield, AMI of Prince George’s County, Inc –

“Ms. Brown, you’ve done a superb job on our 115th Church Anniversary, Advertisement and Memory Book. We look forward to working with you again!”
-B.L. Richardson, Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church, Anniversary Committee Chairperson

Managing Rental Property: Most technical and informational booklets are written for rocket-scientist…not your run of the mill everyday folks. This book was easy to read, the managerial controls were easy to establish, and inspection procedures were easy to implement. Very comfortable reading – thanks for making my job a lot easier!
-Judy Anderson, Rural Housing Service, HI –

“Job well done.” Certificate of Merit awarded to Edith for exemplary effort in the development of the Multifamily Housing – New Employee Training Manual and Student Workbook.”
-Eileen M. Fitzgerald, Acting Administrator, Rural Housing Service-

“Thank you Edith for developing and composing the MFH Protocol Guide. Great Job!”
-Arthur A. Garcia, Administrator, Rural Housing Service-